*** Parts Forty-Two ***

Format is a tribute to Bob Roberts. A poor imitation but I mean well...

Passive Components

Item Price
Transistor - 2SD871 - HOT (5+ $3.25 Each) $4.00
Resistor Array 1K ohm 5-pin SIP - BUSSED $0.45
Resistor Array 1K ohm 9-pin SIP - BUSSED $0.45
Resistor Array 2.2K ohm 9-pin SIP - BUSSED $0.45
Resistor Array 4.7K ohm 9-pin SIP - BUSSED $0.45
Resistor Array 2.2K ohm 8-pin SIP - ISOLATED $0.45
Resistor Array 220 ohm 8-pin SIP - ISOLATED $0.45

Integrated Circuits

Item Price
CPU - 8080A $4.00 Out of Stock
CPU - Zilog Z80A - 4Mhz $3.00
CPU - Zilog Z80H - 8Mhz $4.75
CPU - 6502 - 1 Mhz $5.00
CPU - 6502A - 2 Mhz $6.00
CPU - 6502B - 3 Mhz $7.00
Amplifier - LM324 $2.25


Item Price
EPROM - 2732 $3.00


Item Price
Memory - 6116 $3.00
Memory - 4027 $4.00

Sockets / Connectors

Item Price
Socket - 28 pin - Wide $0.60
Socket - Machined - 28 pin - Wide $0.75
Socket - Machined - 24 pin - Wide $0.75
Socket - 42 pin - Wide $0.75

Board Repair Kits

Item Price
Galaga Resistor Network Replacement Pack $12.15

Heat Sinks

Item Price
Heat Sink 8.8 x 8.8 x 5 mm Aluminum $0.10
Heat Sink 20 x 8.8 x 5 mm Aluminum $0.60


Item Price
Adapter - JAMMA PCB to DIG DUG Cabinet $20.00

Non-Arcade Novelties

Item Price
Money Stealing Cat Coin Bank $15.00
Coder MiP Toy $30.00

All parts are new unless otherwise specified.

If there is something that says Out of Stock and you would be interested in it, just drop me an email. If there is enough interest in something then I might try to get some more.

I prefer Google Wallet but can take PayPal. Google Wallet is not as hard as you think. In either case the process is about the same.

  1. Compose an email of the Quantity, Item, Individual price and extended price. For example: "Qty 10 / Socket - Dual Wipe - 28 pin - Generic / $0.60 / $6.00". It doesn't have to be exact but you get the idea. Then put the total at the bottom after all the items.
  2. Add your Name, Mailing address, phone or text & email address to the email and send it to parts@commanderdave.com
  3. Let me know if you want the shipping to be "Cheapest" or "Priority mail" and how you would like to pay.
  4. After I verify your order I will send you an invoice which will have a request for payment via clickable link.
  5. If all is correct you just click the payment button and send the payment. For Google Wallet, the first time you do it you will have to set up but it's easy.

That's it!

Disclaimers and other fine print:

==> Because I make mistakes, pricing is not guaranteed. If I have made a mistake I will let you know and correct the price ASAP on the webpage.
==> I can't update the webpage in real time so the on-hand quantity is approximate. If you order more than I have I will note it in the order email and correct it when I can.
==> Cheapest shipping usually means First Class Package. If it's over 16 oz then it will go Priority Mail.
==> If there is an issue with the product I will make it right, but if you go ballistic before you give me a chance then all bets are off. ;-)
==> I have a "do not sell to" list but unlike Bob Roberts, it's private.